Friday, 7 June 2013

Fuerteventura - The last part :-(

This is the final part, to start at part one, please click HERE

Our stay on this barren, but somehow beautiful island draws towards the end. Some people who have looked at these pictures say it's so barren and desolate. Yes, it IS a lot more barren than say Gran Canaria or Madeira, but it has a lot going for it, and it's beautiful in a different way.

We decided we really wanted to go right up to the viewpoint beyond Las Salinas and, as it was a nice day, we 'creamed up', packed plenty of water and set off.
Looking back from the road up.
When we reached the top, we could see over Pozo Negro bay.

It was hot now, VERY hot, so we made our way back to Caleta for a well-earned coffee. Some friends had told us where to get a very good latte, and here we were - nice decoration!

Later in the evening, we returned to one of our favourite restaurant bars, the Los Corocolitos at Las Salinas. I was desperate to try their fresh seafood paella.
As usual, it came in its own (huge) pan.

Hardly a dent in it - this was a meal fit for a VERY hungry couple, and cost less than fifteen euros.

This guy prepared the fish. Fresh as fresh can be, like most of the fish on this island, they pride themselves in sea to plate in as little time as possible.

Los Corocolitos in the hot sunshine, our own little slice of paradise.

A few hardy flowers grew close to the shoreline.

Seabirds called and flew as we sat enjoying the bay at full tide.

We even saw a curlew. I was more used to enjoying this bird's call at home in Derbyshire on the moors in spring.

We then walked all the way back to Caleta for another evening in 'El Capitan'.
We LOVE these balmy evening walks, and we always felt Caleta was a safe, pleasant place. It really is so good to do this in the wintertime. It seems so wrong, and yet so right! I'd never been used to winter sun holidays until I met Sue. Now - I am addicted to them!

The last three days were spent just beach-bumming and lying in the sun, topping up our tans. Of course, we couldn't stay out of the warm, safe waters of the bay. I did lots of snorkelling, & I even got to try out my waterproof camera bag!

There was a bunch of about five local lads on the beach. They buried what looked like an oversize beach ball halfway deep in the sand, then proceeded to use it as a sort of springboard and did lots of impressive gymnastic moves to the delight of their 'audience'. They weren't busking or begging - just lads having fun and showing off.

You can see a short video of one of the moves HERE

Back to the hotel room, and another night a fire in the sky, courtesy of mother nature.

What an awesome end to a perfect holiday on Fuerteventura.

The next day, we returned to the small airport to leave for home.
We'd had perfect weather, and loved the place so much, we vowed to return.

A few puffs of cloud in a super-blue sky.

More cloud over the north of the island and Corralejo.

A big reservoir we flew over - WELL down.

Not many views on the way back, due to cloud, but over the Pyrenees was fantastic. The snow-covered tops looked terrific with their mantle of snow.
I just LOVE looking down on mountains like this. The pictures really don't do it justice.

Then, it was back to heavy cloud, which remained until we landed in Manchester.

A great holiday, on a great island - thanks Fuerteventura :-)

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