Monday, 15 April 2013

Fuerteventura, part two, exploring our immediate locale.

Day two - and we were finding our feet. Caleta de Fuste (Caleta) is a really pleasant place, very relaxing when you leave the centre. We loved walking along the long prom', and did this most evenings or days, just to enjoy it.

There are two smaller coves connected to the large main beach, and we came to prefer these. In fact, we didn't sit or stay on the main beach at all. There were two small 'jetty' affairs that separated the two small coves, one of them has this lovely little cafe on the end. It looks like the other jetty was earmarked for some sort of building on it too, as the walkway had been built, but like so many other things we'd seen, the job had stopped midway, probably for money reasons.

This is why we came here - for the SUN!! It was pleasantly warm, not extremely hot (I don't do thirty plus), so 25C-ish was great. After leaving cold England, this warmth was sinking into our bones, and we were pleased to just let it.

A natural volcanic ridge separated the main sea (to the right) from the coves (to the left), so waves were tiny, if at all. It made for great swimming and snorkeling. The water was roughly body heat, so walking right into it wasn't unpleasant or hard.
Looking across to the small harbour. This again was a lovely place to sit either in the sun, or to enjoy the warm evenings in just shorts and tee shirt. It was also a great place to eat, as you will see later. They have a speciality BBQ.

Under the boardwalk to the cafe were shoals of fish, mainly harbour mullet. You could swim among them. There were also crabs, and I managed to get a couple of pictures. These crabs were VERY shy though, and scuttled off into the water or rock hiding places as soon as you got anywhere near to them.

The Barcello complex also had put boule courts on the beach. We didn't see anyone using them, but it brought back memories of games in the sun with the locals when we were in France.
They take their boule games VERY seriously in France :-)
The sun was over the yardarm, so it was time for a beer in one of the prom' side cafes.

Looking back across the bay from the harbour lighthouse, you can also see the rise of the volcanic interior, which we planned to explore later in the week.

We walked further north of Caleta, where there are no beaches, just this volcanic shore. It must make for good fishing, as we saw many people with rods.

Then, it was back home to get ready to go out for the evening.
Once more, we got a nice sunset.


  1. Out of the centre, it was. Also, it FELT like we were 'out of season' - no crowds at all?? No queues, no shortage of sun beds, etc etc.